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Data download

PRISMOID allows users to download the SQL file of the database, calculated DSSP feature files, calculated NACCESS feature files, and PTM sites data.

Entry page

Our entry web page organizes in a comprehensive manner detailed PTM annotation on the 3D structure and biological information.

Long-term maintenance

PRISMOID is constantly being maintained and updated. You can find every update of our project and track prior versions on the Timeline page.

Data access

The entries can be searched through three different methods, including ID search, Keyword search, and Advanced search.


The ECharts package was used to achieve as user interactive pie charts display of statistical results. PRISMOID provides 11 different statistical results.

High-resolution Interface

Several high definition JavaScript packages are employed to enhance information visualization in PRISMOID.


Here are the top 5 PDBChains most viewd by users

PRISMOID is a freely available web-based resource providing 3D structure information of protein post-translational modification sites. PRISMOID retrieves comprehensive PTM information from six major protein sequence-based PTM databases. The collected protein sequences with PTM sites were then mapped to protein 3D structures. PRISMOID not only includes PTM sites data but also integrates and annotates the disease mutation affecting the PTM sites. Other information, such as protein secondary structure properties, solvent accessibility area features, protein disorder region, and protein domain context, etc., were also collected and annotated in PRISMOID.

PRISMOID combines the strength of Java, Spring, SpringMVC, MyBatis, and JavaScript to achieve user-friendly interface design and efficient data query/display. Multiple data querying methods and data browsing pages enabled in PRISMOID can be explored, with a number of options. PRISMOID is also equipped with some bioinformatics plug-ins such as 3Dmol.js, Protein Feature view, and RCSB-sequence viewer to better visualize the comprehensive annotation data contained in PRISMOID.

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